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Scottish Hammer Development Group

Scottish Athletics Hammer development Group

Scottish Hammer Development Group

Scottish Hammer Development Group

The exploits of Kimberley Reed and Myra Perkins have already been reported upon.  However, to recapitulate:

• Sixteen year old Kimberley Reed (Edinburgh AC) qualified for the World Youth Championships with a throw of 53.63 metres.  This mark also exceeds the Scottish U17 female age group record.  Her series:- 51.42m: 52.88m: 52.04m: 53.63m: 50.38m: 51.36.  The World Youth Championships are to be held in Lille, France in July.
• Nineteen year old Myra Perkins (Falkirk) qualified for the European Junior Championships to be held in Tallin, Estonia, in July with a throw of 57.87 metres.Both athletes lead their respective UK Power of Ten rankings.

The male under 20 event (junior men) was an excellent competition and of a very high standard.  Killian Barry (Crusaders) and Dempsey McGuigan (West London Hammer School) gave a superb display of hammer throwing technique.  The target for both athletes is the European Junior Championships where they hope to compete for the Republic of Ireland.  Their qualifying standard is 66 metres.  The 18 year old Barry defeated the 17 year old McGuigan 65.07 metres to 62.34 metres.  Both marks personal records, McGuigan by three metres.  First year under 20 athletes Edmund Reid (Falkirk) and Nicky Stone (Shettleston) set early season bests of 55.16 metres and 50.33 metres respectively.  Both marks were personal bests.

Hammerama started off with the Scotland’s Got Talent Bronze Group Competition.  In the girls event, where all girls were aged 11 years, Erin Meikle (Team Kirkwood) set a p.b of 32.39 metres with the 2kg implement.  In second place was her training partner Kelsey Campbell (Team Kirkwood) with 30.23 metres, some four metres under her best.  In third place was a jubilant Rebecca Porter (Pitreavie) with a personal record of 25.03 metres.  Ten year old Orla Meikle (Team Kirkwood) displaying controlled tenacity was fourth with an excellent 19.98 metres.  In fifth place was Sophie Nethery (Pitreavie) with 19.08 metres.

In the Boys Bronze Section, Josh Stone (Shettleston) displayed excellent hammer dance footwork.  Josh recorded 27.99 metres for victory.  In second place was Josh Wilson (Edinburgh) who recorded a p.b of 22.35 metres.  In third place was Scott Kirkwood (Team Kirkwood) with 20.55 metres.  Lucas Laing (Team Kirkwood) was 12 metres down on his best finishing in fourth place with 16.81 metres.  Cameron Kirkwood (Team Kirkwood) recorded 10.52 metres.
Silver Group male athletes provided an interesting under 14 competition.  Winner was Craig Mullins with a p.b of 36.18 metres.  Hot on his heels was Christopher McDonald (Team Kirkwood) who improved upon his best by two metres when recording 34.36 metres for second place.  Eleven year old Andrew Costello (Kilbarchan) was a little below form with a throw of 26.74 metres for third place.

Four athletes competed in the under 16 female event.  All are fourteen and eligible for the England AA Championships at Bedford in August.  Emma Bowie (Moray) equalled her p.b with a winning distance of 40.06 metres.  In second place was Chloe Nethery (Pitreavie) who recorded a p.b of 36.03 metres.  Mia Shepherd (Kilbarchan) filled third place with a p.b of 35.48 metres.  Newcomer, Amy McAlpine (Pitreavie) was fourth with 29.97 metres.  Missing from the competition was Anita Evans (Inverness) who was away warm weather training with George and Lesley Loney.  Bedford should be a target for all those youngsters for this year.

In the male under 16 event, 15 year old Fellan McGuigan (West London Hammer School) won with a fine throw of 64.73 metres.  In second place was Ciaran Wright (Falkirk) with 52.83 metres some way under his best of 57.49 metres.  In third place Ben Main (Shettleston) set a p.b of 52.25 metres.  For the purposes of UKA McGuigan is an U17 whilst Wright and Main are U15’s.  Again, Bedford is the main target.

In the U18 female event behind Kimberley Reed was Jacqueline Plain (Falkirk) set a p.b of 45.40 metres.   In third place Kelly Bodley (Ellon) set a p.b of 40.22 metres.  Good to see Kirsty Wallace (Pitreavie) back in the game with a throw of 29.26 metres.  Newcomer, Agatha Williams-Kelly (Central) recorded 23.81 metres in fifth place.  If Agatha were to take the event seriously she will quickly advance towards 40 metres.

In the male U18 event Fellan McGuigan (West London Hammer School) won with a p.b of 54.23 metres from Reece Straker (North Sheilds Poly) 46.94 metres p.b.  In third place was 14 year old Ben Main who recorded 42.22 metres.  James Gafney (West) recorded 35.02 metres in fourth and Damian Murray (Arbroath) was fifth with 30.20 metres.  The plight of Damian and his sister Paula is serious for they have nowhere to train with hammers.  Despite the problem has been worked upon since October 2010 and we are no further forward.

In the ladies U20 event behind Myra Perkins (Falkirk) 57.87 metres was Rachel Hunter (Ayr Seaforth) who registered 45.39 metres.  Kerri Cameron (Nairn) finished in third place with 33.48 metres.  Newcomer, Lisa McAlpine (Pitreavie) was fourth with 30.79 metres and Carly Kirkpatrick (Orkney) under the watchful eye of Colin McCulloch it is anticipated that both girls will advance quickly.

In the absence of Andy Frost, currently training in Portugal, Chris Bennett won the senior mens event with 63.33 metres.  In second place was David Little (Border AC) with 55.09 metres.
The senior women’s event was won by Laura Allen (Pitreavie) who set a lifetime best of 43.30 metres.  Nicola Falconer (Edinburgh) also set a p.b of 40.02 metres in second place.  Paula Murray, short of training, recorded 33.18 metres in third place.

• Two G.P records – Kimberley Reed and Myra Perkins.
• One all comers – Fellan McGuigan.
• 43 athletes competed (39 Scots).
• 59 athletes on start sheet but for one reason or another 16 failed to start-their loss on a day of such high standards.
• Approx 360 hammers launched.
• 24 personal bests.

Appreciation to:-
Officials Joyce Rammell; Christine Stoops; Alister Murdoch; Julie Porter; Elaine and Jim Green; Moira and Brian Nisbet; Pam and Magnus Ross.

Sarah Perkins and all the ladies (and gentlemen) of the Hammer Development Group Catering Corps who provided such a first class feast for officials and guests.

To Howard Perkins for his first class result service along with the renowned hammer ladder.
To all other helpers.

Finally, thanks to the management and support team of the Grangemouth Stadium.  A first class presentation.

Alan Bertram S.A.H.D.G

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