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Yeovil Half Marathon report

Yeovil Half Marathon report

Yeovil Half Marathon 2011

Yeovil Half Marathon 2011

Ellie Sutcliffe of Exmouth Harriers had a double reason to celebrate after the inaugural Yeovil half marathon yesterday.

The 27-year-old not only won the race, finishing over two minutes clear of Wells junior Lizzie Hart, but also recorded a personal best time of 88minis 07secs, clipping 31 seconds off her previous best et last year in the Conwy race.The men’s race was won by Team Bath’s experienced Allister Sheffield in 72:35 and with the organisers admitting it is not the fastest of courses due to the hills in and around Yeovil both winners can take encouragement from their performances.

From 700 entries there were 625 finishers.
“We are delighted with the turn-out for the first one and the day went really well,” said Jody Foy from the organising team.

An interesting innovation in the Yeovil half was the awarding of separate prizes for the King and Queen of the Hill.

Race spokesman Jody Foy explained that separate timing mats were placed at the bottom and top of Henford Hill, a steep climb at six miles and a prize was given to the quickest man and woman up that section.

“It is something we copied from the Tour of France cycle race and it turned out verey interesting because clearly some runners targeted that section specifically,” said Foy.

“They wanted to win that part rather than the race itself.”

The results confirm that with victory going to Adie Kirby in 2mins 25secs. Kirby finished 56th overall in 1:54.18. Nikki Linfield, who finished third overall, was quickest woman up the hill.

Overall race winner Allister Sheffield was fourth fastest up the hill climb.

Yeovil half marathon – men: 1 Allister Sheffield (TBAC) 72;35; 2 Robert Farley (Bitt RR) 73:20; 3 Sean Frost (Votwo) 74:34; 4 Mike Griffiths (TBAC) 77:32; 5 Nathan Jones (unatt) 78:43; 6 Alan Beavers (M50) 80:09; 7 Stephen McDaid (unatt) 80:26; 8 Steve Babb (Launceston RR, M45) 81:11.

Women: 1 Ellie Sutcliffe (Exm) 88:07; 2 Lizzie Hart (Wells, U20) 90:12; 3 Nikki Linfield (unuatt, W40) 1:31.18; 4 Hilary Young (YTRR, W45) 93:54. 625 finishers.

King of the Hill – men: 1 Adie Kirby (unatt) 2:25; 2 Rob Watkins (TRC, M40) 2:26; 3 Shane Green (unatt) 2:32; 4 Sheffield 2:36; 5 Farley 2:38.

Women: 1 Nikki Linfield (unatt, W40) 3:10; 2 Hart 3:15; 3 Sutcliffe 3:16.